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I once was a poet.. I had written thousands of words about how I perceive the world, my life, my experiences, and my surroundings... Then I discovered photography.

Photography is a fascinating thing; it can make a fleeting moment last forever, and capture things we cannot initially comprehend, whilst saying things we cannot speak ourselves.

A silent poetry that dwells beyond the image.

After moving to the capital, I set out to capture the rich and diverse array of London's architecture which sparked a passion for Brutalist buildings, as they evoke the silent poetry I sought. Being brought up in rural England, I was mesmerised by these unfamiliar and monolithic concrete structures. They are raw, uncompromising, imposing and yet truly majestic and sublime.

Photography has also inspired me to travel the world - most recently to Sri Lanka, where I captured the essence of Ceylon traditions found within the rural areas of the central and south western provinces - famous for their cinnamon and tea plantations.

Since my return to England I have broadened my horizons by taking on new challenges (food and product photography, as well as portraiture) which have allowed me to develop my skills further and to evolve as a photographer.

I hope you enjoy my collection of images..

.. a picture is meant to say a thousand words, after all.